House Concerts

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What is a House Concert, you ask?

Martine performs over 50 house concerts a year across the US and Australia. They are the most intimate and up close and personal way to to experience live music. Stories are shared, favorite songs are requested, questions are asked....each house concert is different depending on the audience and the host. One thing is always the same though...a good time is had by all.

A House Concert is great to way to turn your home, back yard, club house, or community room into a live, casual music venue for a night. Invite friends, family, and neighbors to an intimate concert at your home. Think of it as a listening room with out the distractions of bars, drunk obnoxious people you don't know or excessive 'talkers'!. Depending on the available space, house concerts range in size from 20 - 100+.


Typically, the host will collect a suggested donation from each guest. The suggested amount mostly ranges between $10 to $25 per person with 100% of proceeds going to the artist. The 'average' arrangement is $15 per person or $25 couple. 

It’s important that the host make it clear in any invitations and announcements that there will be this expectation of a suggested donation. You can arrange for someone to collect at the door or have a collection basket made available with announcements made of the importance of the donation to the artist.



There's usually some sort of mingling period, for a half hour to an hour, wherein folks begin arriving and sipping on a little bit of wine, munching on treats and socializing. I personally like it when house concerts are BYOB and potlucks of sorts. Whenever there seems to be a critical mass of folks in attendance, or whenever "start time" rolls around, the concert commences.

The host will let people know the show is going to start, directing them to the area where seating is, and introduce the artist.

Everyone settles down in the living room on chairs and on couches, and on throw pillows, and however they can find a comfortable nook for themselves (you can also ask guests to bring their own chair) -- and then the music begins.



Usually, shows will either consist of two sets of 40-45 minutes length or one set of 75 minutes, depending on the crowd. This can also be varied, as needed.


Plugged or Unplugged?

Many smaller living rooms don't need any amplification but when needed, Martine travels with a small PA that will take care of most house concert sound needs.


The 'You Rock' Award..

Goes to anyone who hosts a house concert. House concerts are an important part of an itinerant musician's life. They help keep art alive, for all of us, and bring some of your favorite singer/songwriters to your community. New stories are shared and communities are strengthened by the social aspect.


Interested in Hosting?

Email: for more information and to talk dates!



Just incase you need more convincing.....

"Martine's performance was fantastic. She's got a great energy and drive, and her stories about where the songs come from are very special. We look forward to hearing more from Martine." Tim - Concerts in the Cabin, Evansville, IN

"we loved having a house concert with Martine...what a way to take in a show...surrounded by friends, in the comforts of our home, close and intimate... Martine is the perfect blend of beauty and strength. she charmed the crowd with her sparkling spirit, and blew their doors off with her singing and guitar playing.... " Jen Gray House Concert, Geneva, IL

"It's like having a full-blown Bruce Springsteen concert in your own house!"
---Sharon Jaffess, Biggest Bruce fan in New Jersey, New York, and Illinois


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